• General

    How do I place an order?

    1. Email us about your project, using either your own print ready file or our KS design services to customize a print file.
    2. We will email you a quote for the project, including various shipping options for your approval.
    3. You will receive an electronic invoice for upfront payment which includes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of sale.
    4. We get busy printing!

    What type of inks do you use?

    We use Aqueous, water based pigment inks.

    Is printing permanent?

    While our process ensures color fastness and durability, the ink will fade over time. To best preserve the quality, be sure to follow care instructions. These are described in Fabric FAQs.

    Is your process green?

    Environmentally sustainable practices are fundamental to our business. We work with 3rd party certified organic and recycled fabrics. Our printing process has little waste, using cutting edge pigment ink and no dirty water treatments.

    Is there a minimum order?

    Yes. We have a 5-yard minimum order, with the exception of our 1/2 yard Design Tool sample.

    Is there a maximum order?

    No. Please inquire within for orders over 1000 yards.

    Wholesale Pricing:

    We offer price breaks as your yardage increases. See our Price sheet for details.

    How do we start the process?

    Connect with us by sending an email to: [email protected]

    How long does it take to get my order?

    In general, for art files that are ready for print and under 20 yards, plan on 10 days to complete the printing. For rush orders, inquire within.

    What shipping process do you use?

    We use standard FedEx Services. Your calculation for shipping will be included on your custom Invoice. Once you decide on your shipping option, it will be finalized on your invoice and processed through our shipping department.

    What kind of payment is accepted?

    We invoice you upon finalizing your Print Project. You will receive an electronic invoice from KinStitch, asking you to make an on-line payment using any major Credit Card.

    Contact Us

    We would love to connect with you on your project!

    Reach us at:
    [email protected]

    The Ford Building,
    2505 se 11th Ave. Suite 137,
    Portland, Oregon 97202

  • Design

    What images can be printed by KinStitch?

    We can print your original designs or those that are compliant with copyright laws.

    Which digital files should I send for KinStitch printing?

    We accept JPG, TIF, or PNG files. Artwork should be saved as an RGB file, since we print using an RGB system.

    How large should my image be?

    We request 150 dpi (dots per inch) at the size you want to have your design printed. (For example, if you want a 48” x 36” image, it should be 5,400 x 7,200 pixels.)

    What assurance do I have of color and design quality?

    The most accurate way to see how your project will look is to order a 1⁄2 yard sample of your design to see in person how your image translates to print on fabric.*

    Artwork should be saved as an RGB file, since we print using an RGB system.

    Colors will naturally vary from one fabric to the next. In other words, the exact same pantone color will look different on the poplin than it does on the twill.*

    We use natural color fabrics, which means they are not bleached white; they are a creamy color, and within our different fabric types, this color may vary. Fabric lots also vary from lot to lot.*

    No two printers are the same, with regard to ink and technology.*

    Due to the light color of our fabric, we cannot print a color lighter than the background, nor will cream colors appear against the similar color of the fabric. We do not offer white inks.

    Using contrasted colors will improve the quality of the print vs. several dark colors close in value for example.

    True black is difficult to capture with our ink system, therefore, using variations of black will result in a better product.*

    Though we don’t have metallic ink, we do have gold and silver colors that look shimmery and beautiful.*

    *Do NOT assume that what you see on your screen will translate to the same color once it is printed. We strongly suggest ordering a 1⁄2 yard sample to see how your design and color will look on your fabric of choice.

    What is the longest continuous length of fabric that you can print?

    We can print up to 15 yards continuously. This means that though we can print hundreds of yards of fabric, there will be a break in the design, a few inches worth, every 15 yards.

    How does KinStitch handle Precision Printing?

    Despite the supple nature of fabric, our business is dedicated to printing well on this medium. Fine details print best when they have high contrast. For exceptional detail work, inquire within for technical and pricing options.

    What do you use for selvage?

    We print on fabric that varies in width from 56” to 58”; we allow for 2 1⁄2” selvage on each margin for best printing results. This translates to a maximum 53” wide design, depending on the fabric type.

    What are the repeat options?

    1. You can send us your design, with specific repeat instructions, ready to print.
    2. You can send us your non-repeating design, and we can print as is.
    3. We create the repeat for you, from the following options.
    • Straight repeat: creates tiles of your design on a horizontal line
    • 1⁄2 drop* repeat: creates tiles of your design where the repeat is offset vertically
    • Brick 1⁄2 drop: creates tiles of your design where the repeat is offset horizontally
    • Mirror: creates tiles of your repeat that are mirrored vertically and horizontally

    *We can also do 1/4 , 3/4 , and custom drop repeats

    How do we use your Design Services?

    We have specialty graphic designers with extensive knowledge in: textiles, color matching, repeat designs, surface design, and more.

    For an hourly fee of $85/hr, our KS design team can help guide you through the process of translating your image to print on fabric, consulting with you along the way, to ensure your satisfaction with the job.

    You can initiate this process with an email.

  • Fabrics

    Are your organic products certified?

    Our organic fabrics are certified by IMO, Control Union, OCIA, NOP and Ecocert.

    Do your Fabrics have a Fire Retardant?

    No. You will have to be sure to add a retardant to meet your fire safety requirements. Our fabric should not be used for children’s sleepwear or bedding. For use in public buildings, you will need to apply a Fire Retardant per site specific regulations, after purchase.

    Do your fabrics have a fire rating?

    No. Due to their content, KinStitch fabric is flammable and should not be near flames nor direct heat.

    Are the pigment inks used on the fabric safe?

    Our inks have been tested per the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) to ensure that they contain no toxic/carcinogenic materials.

    Does the printing make the fabric stiffer?


    Do you use a coating solution on the fabric?


    Will the uncoated fabric look good and hold up well?

    Yes. Color looks rich and lovely on our uncoated fabric. Our uncoated fabric holds up well for color fastness, rubbability, crocking, and shrinkage. (Note: If bright, saturated, deep pops of color are needed for your project, and you intend to wash the fabric a lot, be in touch with us via email to help guide you for best results.)

    How should I wash and care for the fabric?

    In general: gently. All of our fabrics are machine washable; use cold water with like colors, and tumble dry low. Iron on the non-printed side of the fabric, using low temperatures. No bleach should be used.

    Where is your fabric manufactured?

    Our organic and recycled fabrics come from mills in China and India. The Mills adhere to the principles described by the Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production. For more information on these guidelines, check out: www.wrapapparel.org

    Where are the raw materials sourced from?

    Our organic cotton is sourced from India. All other materials are sourced from China.

    Can I get a swatch of fabric before ordering?

    Yes. We can send you a swatch of the fabric that you are interested in when you send your mailing address to: [email protected]. We can also mail you a Sample Swatch packet of our 5 KinStitch fabrics, free of charge.