Welcome to our workshop

From our studio in the heart of Portland’s Central Eastside creative community, KinStitch is telling stories by the yard, revealing each on beautifully woven organic fabrics. KinStitch is a custom, small-batch print on demand service connecting people in the most tactile ways.

Every yard is rooted in life

We print your story on cloth so you can share them on a piece of clothing, bags, pillows, a wall hanging—whatever you can imagine. We help to bring your creative projects to life.

Earth friendly practices

Daily decisions and practices are made with a long term purpose: health of the planet and being an environmentally responsible neighbor.

  • Meet our team.

    Elissa Breitbard

    KinStitch Founder Elissa Breitbard’s love of textiles began several life chapters ago as a cultural anthropologist drawn to the intricacies of Indonesian textiles. After a 15-year stint founding and spearheading Betty’s Bath & Day Spa, a beloved wellness and relaxation retreat in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Elissa’s family made a major life move to their new home in Portland, Oregon. As they were leaving, close friends gifted them with a pair of personalized, printed and hand-sewn pillows and that was it–the idea for KinStitch began taking shape. Elissa founded KinStitch to root into community and bring comfort and beauty to others through custom cloth creations. Beyond KinStitch, Elissa is a Board member of the social enterprise, Southwest Creations Collaborative—a USA based industrial cut and sew factory with a mission to alleviate poverty.

    Ginnie Young

    KinStitch Creative/Strategic Director Ginnie Young has long pursued a professional path in color and design. In 2005, responding to an obvious void in the architectural paint market, she founded the ecofriendly architectural paint company YOLO Colorhouse. It was a natural progression in her visual realm—before Colorhouse, she had been an art director at J. Walter Thompson advertising agency. Beyond her work with KinStitch, Ginnie is a board member for The ROOTS of South Sudan, a non-profit empowering women in South Sudan.